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About Me

Helene Lindmark

Máttaráhkká (great-grandmother), Noid, Wisdom Keeper, Healer

Helene Lindmark: a Wisdom Keeper, a Grand Mother from the Sámi People. She walks with her knowledge as a voice for Mother Earth, her people and the ancestral wisdom that is stored in her Indigenous People’s lands. She is mentoring the next generation of Sápmi community members, convening and speaking on behalf of her people around the world.


With a unique perspective based on ancestral knowledge, she bridges the gap between traditional Indigenous knowledge and the contemporary understanding of sustainable practises. Her role as a global bridge builder for a sustainable future highlights the significance of reciprocity with nature and promoting innovative solutions for climate adaptation and social resilience.


Helene’s journey began in Liikavaara, south of Gällivare in the northern Swedish Sápmi, a village that was erased due to mining exploitation. As a child she had a rich inner world. She received many visions, sensations, and messages. She grew up with a close friendship with nature, surrounded by wisdom from the Elders. Her origin in wisdom and spiritual shamanic healing come from her parents. She has a background in the social sector with extensive experience in psychiatric trauma care with extensive experience in investigation and treatment.


Helene has mentored and trained business men and women, policy & decision makers, entrepreneurs, impact investors, and more. Whatever your background, you will find an open embrace from Helene. 


Individual & Group Journeys • Critical Insights to Re-Connect with and Enhance Nature • Embodying your Experience 

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Helené Lindmark
Härnösand, Sweden

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Helene Lindmark

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